About the Process

Remote Tuning

If you're not local to us in Central FL, we can still tune many different platforms with various software types. With a Cobb AccessPort, Ecutek Remote Tuning Kit, UpRev interface, or Tactrix cable, we can send tune files remotely by email. All we need from you, is to datalog some parameters after flashing ECU, email those datalogs to us, and we will send you revised versions of your tune until it is perfect! Perfection is a big part of our business. Perfect driveability, reliability, and reliable power is a must out of every remote tune.

Street Tuning

If you're local to us in the Orlando, FL area, we can tune your vehicle on the street. Street tuning is often best for calibrating driveability, as it's the best way to replicate real-world driving scenarios. The car is carefully calibrated in all areas of driving, from idle, to low throttle and cruising, then wide open throttle once the lower load areas are calibrated to perfection. For vehicles that do not come with wideband oxygen sensors from the factory, we use our own to verify fuelling is flawless. This option is best for those local, that do not want to spend the additional funds for dyno time.

Dyno Tuning

Located in Casselberry, FL at Circuit Motorsports, we have a Mustang Dynamometer 1100 in shop for custom dyno tuning. The Mustang 1100 is all wheel drive and load bearing up to 2000 wheel hp/200 mph, so it suits needs for almost every vehicle on the road. The process is similar to street tuning, with calibrating the idle, and low load driveability part of the calibration first, then the wide open throttle is carefully calibrated on the load bearing dyno (to best simulate road experience in a controlled environment). With a dyno, we can see how certain changes affect horsepower/torque in a way you would not be able to see on a street tune through datalogs. Certain changes like ignition timing, and variable valve timing, are best calibrated for power/efficiency on a dyno as you can verify if certain changes benefit power wise.