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Nissan Sentra/Juke MR16DDT Remote Tuning w/ Ecutek

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Ecutek Bluetooth Interface, Deskey, and License Flash Points

This is what you need to get the most out of your MR16DDT Nissan Sentra or Juke with Ecutek. Ecutek is the go-to tuning solution for the MR16, and many other platforms. Their features, software, flashing protocol, is the best there is. If you're completely new to Ecutek, you will need to select the Ecutek Remote Tuning Kit as well so that you have everything you need to begin. This kit includes, the Ecutek Bluetooth Interface, Ecutek USB Deskey (required for running the ProECU software) or PhoneFlash (only applies to V2 MR16's, 2015+), Ecutek Flash Points (Street- 155 points), and custom tuning ( for 91oct/93oct/E30 or E50 blend). If you are interested in having seperate maps for different fuel types, select the Dual Map option. You can select any of the two fuel types listed above for your separate fuel maps. E30 and E50 are the two Ethanol blends we are currently tuning for. 

The only other thing you need for the tuning process in addition to this kit, is a Windows based laptop for the flashing and datalogging procedures, utilizing Ecutek's ProECU software with the USB Key option, or an iPhone/Android device for the Ecutek ECU Connect App w/ the PhoneFlash Option. Any additional info on PhoneFlash you can find at the link below.

Tuning with Ecutek is very simple, and we will instruct you through through the entire calibration process. Once you have your cable kit, we will then walk you through identifying your ECU calibration type and setting up ProECU. After that, we can build your base map based on your modifications, ECU calibration type, fuel type, and your basic wants/needs from a tune. We then require you email us back some datalogs so we can verify your calibration is perfect, and we will continue to send you revised versions of your tune until it is. We recommend all remote tunes go through the Pre-Tune Checklist prior to tuning to verify everything is ready for the tuning process. We are not responsible for any issues that arise due to underlying mechanical issues or mechanical failures.

We are specialists in many Nissan platforms, and have been heavily involved in the MR16DDT tuning community for a few years now. We currently have the World's Fastest B17 Sentra, and the World's Fastest MR16DDT. While we've carried that record for a little while now, we're constantly investing into the platform, putting in tons of R&D to push it further. Doing so, we have continuously broken our own record over the last two years. If you're not local to us in Central FL, this is the best way to get the most out of your MR16 safely. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to private message us on Facebook or Instagram, or you can email us at